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Thread: Blind Pew(From Treasure Island)

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    Blind Pew(From Treasure Island)

    Here's another go at Blind Pew from Treasure Island...Just my impression of what he might have looked like.....Jack.
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    Some of my artwork can be seen at the above link.......Jack.

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    Great portrait dear Jack though I can't say that I would like to meet him
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    Thats great Jack, well done
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    I agree with Amanda Jack, great work and texture

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    Blind in one eye and can't see out the other. Nice job!
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    You certainly thought through the ways one could loose an eye as a pirate and made the face read it. The head looks great. Nice detail.

    The hand could do with a little more finesse on the shadows. In the case of that hand where the idea is revealing character through his expression and pose, you may want to design it a little less mechanical way unless you want to really draw attention to it.

    When I look at it, I see one finger, two fingers, three fingers four fingers like counting picket fence marks. They appear in a row separated by about the same amount of shadow and light as if you're listing them.

    The general idea of having a hand clasping his cane or staff is cool, because that kind of pose is a classic way of sitting when active in the mind and perhaps ready to tell a tale. But the fingers could be held differently with a little more (or less) tubular repetition. And if he's passing the paper with the black spot, then I would feature the hand not cropped off like this.

    But that face is really great! The guy's seen action.
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