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Thread: Quick flip blinks rapidly

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    Quick flip blinks rapidly

    This is really funny; I was making this forum post to try to get help on this issue and I just figured out a solution! I thought I'd still make a post, though, since it's definitely a bug.

    If you ADD a new keyboard shortcut to the quick flip (vertical or horizontal), it will blink rapidly when you hold down the new shortcut key. If you just replace the old shortcut, though, it works fine. Only the first shortcut on the list will work correctly.

    If it matters, I'm using Win XP.

    I was really pulling my hair out trying to figure this one out, haha. I was baffled because it had been working just fine the day before. I did a full reinstall and update, so the bug is definitely in the current version.

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    Interesting one, thanks for that! We'll add it to our bug list to check out for the next update
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