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Thread: Colour Mechanic Pro 2.1

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    Colour Mechanic Pro 2.1

    I have tried installing the Plugin- Colour Mechanic Pro, into the AR filters folder. It works so far as exhibiting changes in preview mode (for a given layer), and then hangs when I go to save the result. I suspect this might be something to do with the 3D metadata, paint volume etc. I have also tried flattening the layer first but to no avail. Would it be possible / practical / of interest to AR, to optimise any conflicting code in a future update, or would this be too problematic

    Thanks for your comments
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    The plugin doesn't get to interact with any of the data in our layers other than colour so it's likely just making use of a filter call that we can't support. If there's a demo of the filter we'll take a look at it and see if we can see what's happening. In the past we have had some success talking to filter developers to work through problems with the plugin host so we may be able to get it working.

    Thanks for letting us know!
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