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    Hide Controls gesture...

    Just some feedback: I can not reliably tap with three fingers to toggle the hide controls. Have tried both hands and can seldom achieve the intended action... Is double-tap two fingers an option? Also wouldn't mind if tools and color were hidden by the gesture too - maybe they could turn to hidden hotspots. Absolutely awesome app!! Thank you.

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    There's a problem processing the three finger tap sometimes and I've fixed this for the next build that will be uploaded. If you find it's not working, try waiting a moment then tapping 'slowly' and that may help. The update should be uploaded early this week!
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    Thank you

    Also... I have been trying do without it but I miss the square tip option on the oil brush though I have to say I wish the square tip on iPad started with a more loaded 'blob' so it didn't show the bristle strokes at the start how it does on the end the mark. I want the square tip to fill up into edges.

    Big thanks again. Got this new iPod just for ArtRage. I love it.

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