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Thread: Cant import from web ?

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    Cant import from web ?

    How come ? All my small sketching programs are smart enough to import images directly by dragging from browser, soft like Sketchbook, openCanvas, SAI. Even my now 6-years old Photoshop CS2 can do that. But Artrage 3.0.6 cannot ? Sure, when i drag the image it opens a dialogue to offer import as a layer/reference/whatever, but none of those options have any effect, and if i just click "import to a new file" it gives me an error. Is this 2012 ? I'll go brood in the gardens or something.

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    Obviously that functionality is intended to be there, it just doesn't appear to be working at present. It's not a question of what year it is, it's a matter of reporting a bug.
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    It relates to where the browser is storing temporary files, the product isn't able to access them. We will look at this for a future revision but in the meantime if you drag the image to your desktop or another folder you can them import in to the product.
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