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Thread: Separate palette & paint reloading

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    Separate palette & paint reloading

    Is it possible to set up a palette like you would use when oil painting, with 6-8 colors & mix on the palette - separate from the main canvas?

    It appears I can't have two canvasses open at one time.

    A separate pod, like a canvas palette would be even better.
    You could set up your base colors, mix on the palette & have it pop up to access quickly.

    I see the sample pod, but I can't mix colors & variate colors using it - so much.

    I also would like to be able to turn off automatic paint reloading. It would be nice to be able to hit the wacom pen button to reload or right click, or hit a keyboard key.

    This would allow me to dry brush already painted areas.
    Now it adds paint every time.

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