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Thread: ArtRage & Wacom Bamboo Pen Not Working

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    Exclamation ArtRage & Wacom Bamboo Pen Not Working

    I got a 'Wacom Bamboo Fun Touch' graphics pad for christmas, and Photoshop 8 plus corel painter.

    When it came to using art rage and my pen and touch, it did not work to well.
    I cannot make smooth motions or brush strokes using the pen or mouse while painting on ArtRage. I can only make dots of colour or pencil, I am not sure how to change this or is it the bamboo drivers/software?

    I have used the pen and pad for the bamboo sketch app, that works fine, but when it comes to ArtRage, CorelPainter or PS (Photoshop) I cannot do a stroke. I like ArtRage the most so I thought I post it on these forums because I thought you people would know a thing or two about Wacom/graphics tablets/pads.

    Hope someone can help.
    - Chris

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    Sounds like you just need to change the pen pressure default in the drivers - had the same problem with my Wacom when I got it years ago, needed to lean on the pen to get any marks.

    If I recall correctly you just start the Bamboo configuration utility and adjust the pressure % setting until it suits the way you draw in ArtRage, then lean on it LESS in Photoshop

    I have mine set so I can use a light touch, that way the nibs last longer

    PS: ArtRage Sticker Sprays are pressure sensitive, so they're good for testing your pen pressure with.

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    Thanks, I will change that and reply the results

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