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Thread: Pressure Sensitivity - Studio Pro and ArtRage 2.5

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    Unhappy Pressure Sensitivity - Studio Pro and ArtRage 2.5

    New Bamboo Capture - Pressure Sensitivity is fine in:

    ArtRage 2.5 which came in Bamboo Dock and also in Photoshop Elements 8.

    After 4 hours and 3 calls to Wacom, I got the above to work after installing, uninstalling and reinstalling. Apparently you can't install a driver over another. Still had my Graphire driver on it when I installed the first time.

    In ArtRage Studio Pro, pressure sensitivity doesn't work at all. Seems odd it would work in 2.5 but not Pro.

    Any and all suggestions totally Welcome.

    I have Windows XP, SP3.

    [edit] Solved - Edit, ArtRage Preferences, Input Devices, and only having WinTab on and nothing else on solved my problem
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