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Thread: Using extended Cinema Display ?

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    Using extended Cinema Display ?

    I am trying to use AR SP 354 with my MBP & 30" Cinema display.

    I have the displays set up in extended mode.
    I can drag Safari windows over, but CAN'T drag he AR window.

    It will not allow me to close, reduce, maximize with the standard three color buttons standard on most windows.

    The only way I can use AR on my ext display is to mirror both displays.

    When i bought this recently, I intended on setting up a pallet & tools on the MBP, & using the 30" cinema display as a large canvas.

    It appears this program is not capable.
    Am i missing something?

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    If you can't see the window title bar in ArtRage then it's probably running in full screen mode. Press the Full Screen button on the ArtRage toolbar (it's a box with an arrow in it, next to the Close button) and the application will be shrunk to a resizable window.

    Hope that helps!
    ArtRage UI
    Ambient Design.

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    Thanks, I should have seen that...

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