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    What is the best Wacom to use with the computer that does not have touch screen.....


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    Just got the Bamboo Capture for Christmas and the touch features on it work and I don't have a touch screen monitor.

    I gave my 21" Cintiq to son-in-law and Intuos 3 to Grandson because I had the Graphire for 12 years and I totally like a small tablet for painting.

    I'm used to staring at the monitor and not having my hand in the way. My Graphire was small and that's comfortable for me.

    So determine how you like to paint. Big sweeping motions then the large Cintiq and Intuos will be what you want.

    Small desk, then get the smaller ones. Plus my Bamboo Capture can go wireless which is also a plus.
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    I have a Wacom Graphire 3 that I have owned pretty much since they came out and it still works. I never managed to adjust to doing my original outlines/drawings on it, but I use it now for inking/colouring on my main PC in ArtRage.

    (I have a Tablet PC with Wacom screen/pen that my family bought me for XMas this year, now THAT I can use digitally)

    If you can learn to draw without looking at your hand, then the Bamboo (which is kind of the modern Graphire) will do the job fine - you can buy a bigger version of it too, if you need an A5 drawing area, instead of the smaller bamboo (roughly A6 I think).

    I agree with the other comments about broad sweeping strokes - if you need those, buy a Tablet PC or a Cintiq. Second hand Tablet PCs can be quite reasonable.

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