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Thread: A horse step by step.....

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    Germany but I am Dutch....

    A horse step by step.....

    Just to show you all how I go about when I am drawing a horse. I chose a picture of my horse Melina when she came from Hungary and was released on our meadow for the frist time after traveling in a trailer for about 2400 km.

    So I chose a dark background on the first layer and put her picture as a reference picture besides it. I did not trace this picture as you can see in the next screenshots. I also recorded a part of it but now I do not know what to do with it to show you.....
    The canvas is 300 dpi. I made two extra layers and start sketching on the top layer so that it keeps visible when I am drawing on the second layer.

    I choose chalk size 2 pressure 100% in a light color so that it stays visible.

    The problem I have with this picture is that when she arrived she was very overweighted. She had a massive body on thin legs with very little muscles. So she looks out of proportion to me...and then I have to draw that knowing it is not wright and the whole time she looks out of proportion.....but I will try.

    In the following screenshot I made the sketch which is only a reference to me, as I will alter it when I am drawing at some spots because it not a perfect sketch and I make mistakes too.
    The ears on the sketch were too big, the head too long and so on....
    If you want to try to paint a horse I would suggest to trace the picture. I did that when I was young too because I had to learn it someway and there was no one who could teach me.

    Then I fill it up with chalk 100% pressure in a middletone grey.....

    The filling I do on the second layer so that the sketch remains visible.

    I used a middelgrey tone because this horse is black (all frisians are haha) ahum, but now I can start to add darker shades and some highlights where I see them on the picture...

    and some more......

    And then wenn I added some lighter area's, I make the third layer invisible, the layer on which the sketch was drawn.

    She already looks like a horse with no feet. I allways do the feet at the end because for me they are difficult too and the position they are in depends on how the legs look at the end of the drawing.

    Then I start working on the head and the eyes.....If I get them right the rest is somewhat easier to do....

    I always make the eyes of these horses totally black to add some reflections later.....

    After that I keep working on the head to add shading on the cheek bones and or muscles to get the shape of the head more clearly. And the same time the neck....

    Then I start working on the chest and upper frontlegs. All the shading I do with crayons with about 20% pressure and softness 70%.

    I am not scared to add shades because if it is too much I can easily change it. I do that by picking the color it should be and with very less pressure I can lighten up the spots where I have gone wrong.

    After some time she looks like this...

    I correct mistakes by painting over it again and again if necessary, I do not use an eraser because then I can not see what was wrong and if it slowly looks better.... I only use the eraser on the outline when there needs to dissapear something definately.

    Will be continued......

    (sorry for any typing mistakes, when my eyes and brain are tired....I simply can not see them anymore)

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    I am a newbie. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    Germany but I am Dutch....
    Your welcome shibui.....

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    Thanks Linda I learn so much from your tutorials. Thanks for the e-mail.
    Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2012.

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