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Thread: A VERY Useful Shortcut Suggestion

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    A VERY Useful Shortcut Suggestion

    How about if I go
    [CTRL + MouseClick on desired Paint Tool Icon]
    Result = both the associated Presets and Settings Dialogs open up for editing, (and of course the chosen tool is activated)

    I go [CTRL + MouseClick on same Paint Tool Icon]
    and they both shut down again
    (the chosen tool remains activated)

    If I go
    [CTRL + MouseClick on a new Paint Tool Icon]
    and then do same again on a different Paint Tool Icon
    the first Paint Tool Presets and Settings Dialogs automatically shut down
    the new ones for the latest tool open up etc
    (the latter tool is activated)

    I would find such a keyboard Shortcut liberating & time saving

    Thanks for considering this request
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