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Thread: Perspective Drawing Tools

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    Perspective Drawing Tools

    The topic of adding perspective drawing tools has come up again. This time on the myPaint forum. A user pointed out the AZDrawing2 software, a freeware available from a Japanese developer.

    The technique used in this software to set constraints for Horizontal, Vertical, and Radial lines is amazing. Under the "center point" setting for radial lines, you can add up to 6 center locations, and switch between them on the fly. This makes doing 1, 2, or 3 point perspective drawing a snap. The center points can be positioned either within the canvas, or quite some distance away. The horizontal and vertical grid system makes doing comic book panels quite simple.

    I hope that the ArtRage developers will look at this software, and consider adding such functionality. A couple of improvements could be in order. When choosing which center point, or vanishing point, to constrain the line drawing too, it would be nice to actually see the point. It should become visible so you can verify which point you're constraining too.

    A direct link to the developers web site: (in Japanese)
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    The option of the center point is a great idea.
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