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    the pencil

    Is there a way to keep the pencil as being the charcoal / grey color?

    I guess there are colored pencils, but wondering if others figured out a way to sketch while painting, and keeping the pencil marks one color.

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    The pencil should remain the colour you chose unless you have a tracing image loaded and automatic colour selection turned on. If the pencil is changing colour as you work, check your colour panel and make sure that automatic selection is turned off.

    If you don't have a tracing image loaded, could you let me know what kind of colour changing behaviour you're seeing?
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    I think runningbull is asking if you can lock the colour of a certain tool (ie. make it so a pencil is ALWAYS one colour, regardless of what colour you may have previously selected... saved in it's settings, like Photoshop or Painter brushes can).

    I don't think it is possible, but the more experienced users may have a solution.

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    You could add the Pencil colour you prefer most to the Samples pallette, that way it will be easy to return to it when you select the pencil tool.

    There's probably a more elegant solution

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    Yeah, I wanted to lock the pencil color. Thanks for the suggestions, just tried the Samples Panel

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