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Thread: No zoom in the playback?

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    No zoom in the playback?

    Ive posted this in scripting support, but it seems that forum is almost empty so im postin it here instead.

    So, i like to record my paintings with camtasia ( it captures a video of the process)
    But im trying to record the paiting process ( with the scripting tool ) and being able to playback it without zoom. so when i record it with camtasia it loos like a static page, no zooms or canvas/camera movements.

    You can do that with open canvas like this

    but as far as i know i cant do it with art rage.. all the zoom i do in the drawing remain recorded like this


    so is there any solution for this?
    thanks in advance.

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    If you comment out the Rotation and Zoom code lines from the script, ArtRage will skip over them during the playback. I posted an easy method of doing this, here:
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