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Thread: scripts - to watch or to make tools?

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    scripts - to watch or to make tools?

    What is the purpose of scripts in Studio Pro? I can see it would be usefull for tutorials, to watch a painting get recreated.

    Is the scripting also intended to let users make their own tools? Or to alter the default tools?

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    re script

    I liked that grid making one. Would cut down on a lot of time and no need of a template.
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    They're for whatever purpose they can fulfill, as far as I'm concerned, lol. I figure the main purpose was just for watching (tutorials, or just watching someone else work, etc), buy they put a lot of extra stuff in there, which allows them to be used for procedural stuff, like the Grid script leechie just mentioned.
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    Yeah, I thought it was at first just for watching or tutorials, but then I saw some extra functionality. One section was not yet implemented.

    Then I started wondering, what if ... they allowed us to send data to Artrage via DDE. You could use it for performance, where say the music controlled the color, or parameters of something like the spyrograph script.

    Only glanced at things, and calling scripts that perform functions seems doable. I don't recall seeing what we'd need if we wanted to implement our own tools though.

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