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Thread: Fail to create a stencil

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    Fail to create a stencil

    I'm using a registered version of AR Studio Pro 3 and I'm new to it. While I was trying to create some stencils, some were successful but a few were not. I hope some senior members can help me.
    Those successful ones have the whole image covered in red which I can save as stencils but there are a few which have only a red border around the image as stencils. The content remained white. May I know what have gone wrong? Thanks.

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    The stencils with a border are normal. If you made some that took up your entire screen, then you must have had left over marks on the screen (most likely within the corners), that were to light/transparent for you to see with the naked eye. Since ArtRage would detect the presences of the marks, it would stretch the area of the stencil to include them.
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