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Thread: Total Beginner to art and artrage

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    Total Beginner to art and artrage

    Husband just got me a Tablet, which I am really happy with, just want to know where to start as a beginner, all the stuff seems daunting, I have been face painting just for a hobby, now I would like to get into all that I can with artrage not sure where I want to get with it, any ideas welcome, just managed to install things and have a quick play, so am guessing will just have to practice a lot.

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    Hi and Welcome to the forums!!!

    ArtRage?? Yea we can help some.....lotsa good helpful folks here.
    Also try this: A free pdf magazine about ArtRage and its users art.

    Also, a free tutorial book and a free Art Supplies Book PDF downloads.

    The best way is to start throwing paint on the canvas you choose and see what comes of it....hehe or use the pencil and draw something and then paint it.. well it's just a theory.

    Enjoy and show us your art when you are ready...even get a critique....

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    Thanks going to look now.

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    Hello noelval and welcome to Artrage and the Forums.

    It really is a great piece of software that can be as simple, or as complicated, as you want it to be. I've only been using it for about 6 months and so am probably not the best person to advise you. However, I have managed to complete and post some paintings to the forum and the gallery.

    I use a Medion graphics tablet on my desktop computer, that is larger than A4 size, and a Bamboo tablet on my laptop, which is probably A5 size. Either way, with a bit of practice, they do help me a great deal.

    You say that you have been face painting for a hobby, well... got any photos of what you've face painted? Why not load a photo into Artrage and use it as a reference for a painting, or even load it in as a tracing, and then trace it and paint it accordingly? Just a thought.

    Good luck with the software and hope to see a 'result' soon.


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    Welcome noelval, you have come to the right place, wonderful people here and artrage is a great painting tool,

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    It's more than difficult to give any advices, without seeing your advances or at least trials. So just warmest 'Hello' first.

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    Welcome. When I came to this forum, I was also a complete beginner in art. What worked for me, was to experiment with all the tools. Try to use them in many different ways to get an idea of what they can do for you. Pay attention to the tutorials, and when you see one that you think might fit your interests, give it a whirl. May or may not work the first time, but that's o.k. - either way, you will learn. Just try and learn one thing everyday, no matter how small. You will be amazed how quickly that will all pile up.
    Most of all - relax and have fun. Paint what you feel, what you enjoy.
    Don't be afraid to do what you do differently from the more experienced painters. There is always another way to do things, and often it comes about out of necessity.
    This forum is filled with people that will be glad to offer tips and encouragement.
    Have fun!
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    Thanks for all the advice, which I am going to take, husband has had to order another tablet for the kids, as they see me working with it and want a go.
    Trying my hand at getting used to working with layers don't understand how they work just yet but am going to master them.
    What would be interesting to know both for myself and any other newcomers, what was the first thing you more experienced artist used and learned with art rage?
    Will post some of my efforts on here very soon.

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    I believe there is a post in the project section that has a lot of the "first" paintings that people did with the AR.

    Layers are kinda like panes of glass. If you take three panes of glass and you paint blue on one, then green on half of the second and lay them on top of each other, you'd see a half green half blue...

    now say you wanted to add a tree, but you didn't wanna mess up your blue and green. You could lay another pane of glass on top and make your tree.... when stacked, you'd see a sky and grass horizon with your tree in it. separate... it would be a blue pane, a half green pane, and a pane with a tree on it.

    Say you decide you don't like that tree, you want another instead. You could take that tree pane out and put an entirely new one in without messing up any of the other parts you worked on.

    But wait, you forgot clouds, but you want them behind the tree. Easy enough you can take another pane of glass and put it between the "green half pane" and your "tree pane" and paint clouds without hurting anything else you already did.

    I hope that makes sense and isn't more confusing.

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of ARTRAGE. Just slap on some paint, move it around and have fun. You will soon find its totally addictive.
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