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Thread: Just a Cave

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    Just a Cave

    hey all!

    Glad to see the forums haven't burned down in my absence. XD I'm taking a break from programming and studying for finals (aka: napping) to post this. I did this after spending a fair amount of time watching some new friends of mine all over on I've been streaming my art there on and off as have a lot of other really great artists. Some guys that I hang out with are YggDragon, BluOoze, and Pungy. I'm shiekhgray and someone is almost always streaming art. Even if you don't have time to paint yourself, it's always a good learning experience to leave art streaming up. I've learned an awful lot from these guys recently. Blu got me started on environments again, and I had some fun. Please feel free to critique! I'd love to get better, and any tips you can give to push me forward are ALWAYS appreciated.
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    I thought at first glance that these were two interesting but shady characters in capes hesitantly making there way towards the light, now I am not sure, maybe they are stalagmites. I like the sihlouette lighting on the stalactites in any case !
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    Looks like a magical place Gray, well done
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    I can almost feel cold and humidity in my bones. Well done!
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    great cave and the colors add so much to the "atmosphere" a little fear and uncertainty lurking there..

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    I can imagine little droplets of mineralized water dropping for thousands of years smoothing out the rock below; and the constant cool and preserving temperature within this beautifully painted cave Gray. Good work!

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