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Thread: The reason I'm officially retiring Corel Painter. ArtRage on Deck.

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    The reason I'm officially retiring Corel Painter. ArtRage on Deck.

    So, not too long ago, I install 16gb of ram up from 4gb, to finally start taking advantage of some of my 64 bit graphics apps, and generally improve performance on bloated modern OSs.

    Turns out, though, my older copy of Corel Painter doesn't work with more than 8gb of system ram--a known issue apparently. (Thank you ArtRage for being more forward looking). I haven't updated for some time, because I knew that version well, it met my needs, and I hadn't experienced anything in new versions in terms of features or performance that were compelling enough to upgrade...quite the opposite, in fact. But this was a radical change in my hardware, and apparently the newest version of Painter is the only one that works with greater than 8gb of ram. So I figured it was legitimately time for an upgrade.

    Except when I went to Corel to check upgrade pricing, it turns out that they're now only offering upgrades from their last two full program versions. There is no longer an upgrade path from older or lite versions. So my copy of IX.5 is out of luck.

    This really stuck in my craw...not because I couldn't afford it, but in principle. First off, it is something of a slap in the face to long time users. Secondly, Corel seems to be completely out of touch with an inflated sense of self worth with their Photoshop tier of pricing. I *need* Photoshop. There are however a growing number of effective alternatives for a supplemental natural media paint program. I have found myself using ArtRage more often than Painter anyway, since AR developed a Pro version with features for power users, and is in general a much more pleasurable experience to use. Even Zbrush's Paint Stop plugin produces natural media effects that are among the best I've seen anywhere, albeit with a very low usability factor.

    So I decided, you know what? **** Painter. It had become a highly situational tool, anyway. At one point I never would have considered life without it, but since ArtRage Pro, its starting to feel like bloated dead weight.

    Congratulations, Artrage! You're now my goto natural media paint, sketching, and concept tool, second only to Photoshop in my 2D toolkit. A spot well earned by constant attention to user feedback and community interaction, a solid vision and impressive continuing development, and customer friendly pricing.

    Of course, now you're on the spot. While I wouldn't presume to tell you your business, since you've done pretty well so far, I will share with you my hopes since I'm leaning on you more.

    I hope that development continues. I hope that the decision to split into two versions will solve a lot of the former hand wringing over whether certain features and usability enhancements are a "right fit" for the program, and we can continue to make Studio Pro a highly usable but powerful tool for professionals and power users, while keeping the basic version the same accessible light, fun and authentic natural media sim. I hope you are considering a 64 bit executable for Windows ( I assume the current .exe is at least Large Address Aware), for which I will happily pay an upgrade fee. And I also hope that future testing is also done on 300 dpi print sized documents, so the real performance impact of tools and eye candy features can be evaluated from the POV of a working illustrator.

    Thank You AmientDesign for your continued efforts, your attention to the community, and a great product.
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    I will second every thing Scott has said. I was a very long time user of Painter but the Painter 12 "upgrade" of $200 just was too much..and having used AR Pro for over a year there was no way to justify it. Now while it is still on my system I never crack it open I just stick with Photoshop CS5 and AR pro... they pretty much cover anything I every wanted to do in digital art...I don't know what the release cycle is for AR but the last upgrade and features are great as is the reasonable price point...

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