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Thread: Better contrast, Interface colors?

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    Better contrast, Interface colors?

    I really don't like horsing around with interface settings. I'm glad that programs offer them but I seem to spend a lot of time diddling and tweaking them.

    the AR interface is mostly right-on, but the color that tells you things like Pressure, Loading, Thinners, I just can't get where I need it to be.

    Basically, I'd like this: a dark color that gives me a quick read on where the setting is.

    I don't need day-glo salmon, or chartreuse or bubblegum. I recognize that those choices might be fine for some.

    When I try to make a dark color, it shows up light!

    So, can there be a way or a preset for those of us who're looking for a dark/pro color to get it?


    Many thanks!


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    I would be interested to see a screen example of what you had in mind...
    If I were marooned on a desert island, please air drop me a copy of Artrage 5.0! (Plus a laptop and solar panel)

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