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Thread: wish list: brush shape, mixing palette, bristles

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    wish list: brush shape, mixing palette, bristles

    Sorry for the duplicate post I posted this as response in another forum section. Thought I should include it here for consideration in the next ArtRage upgrade.
    1. I really miss not having my traditional Filbert brushes for oil which I used heavily. Right now the option is either one extreme or the other (round or square). So as not to add another option on the screen, you could remove the "square head" check box in brush settings and replace it with a new % slider to set the brush anywhere between round and flat.
    2. There's a good start on simulating the natural bristle look and feel (oil brush). Hope this continues even more!
    3. For sampling colors, right now I usually create a row of dabs and blends down the side of my canvas to sample colors from. Would be nice to have a floating mixing palette separate from the canvas to sample from and save like the color sample sets.

    While these are small changes that could be added without taking away from the simplicity of the program, they would be "big" (much appreciated) changes for me.

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    I would so love this too.
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    im a newbie but i agree with the above post. Do you know how to get more bristle marks when using the oil brushes?

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