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    I Wonder

    Maybe this explains the 'Oh, it was done on a computer?' disparaging reaction we sometimes get to our art?

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    Fascinating. Thanks for that Fraser.

    So maybe what we have to do is subtley watermark every digital piece we create with the words 'original masterpiece' to be taken seriously? A bit of sublimal persuasion towards the truth.

    Or have Derren Brown (UK based celebrity hypnotist/psychologist/magician) 'talk' to prosepctive viewers first?
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    Fascinating article Fraser. It is amazing how a few internal words can shape the viewing experience and what biases exist in our minds.
    I think you may have truly hit on something here...that somehow the very word "digital" in reference to art sets off these alarms in so many viewers in almost a chemical way inside their brains.

    I remember when Robert S. Wade, from this forum, and I had signed up for displaying our artwork on a site for painters and they really liked our work and us as well, until they found out we were doing it "digitally." We had been invited to join and had no idea we were exceeding their guidlines because they hadn't thought far enough in advance that someone doing digital work might join. Then they had to step in and ban our work from being shown to their group. They had to make an impromptu rule that we could continue to post comments, but not show our pictures. ha. That was sad. Everyone there really loved Robert's landscape paintings and they were aghast when they (innocently clueless folk) found out they had been done "digitally" and were not after all photos of real oil paintings, but had been done in ArtRage. Then the switch had been flipped inside their heads and the sweet taste of welcome and admiration turned to a sour taste of disapproval for them... wow... what an experience! I really like the portrait group on Flickr... all mediums are accepted... and appreciated and I have a hard time telling between the watercolors done digitally and the ones done in traditional watercolor.
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