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    How Do I Share... with someone on this site. I hate to admit that I don't know how, but it's true. I mix music all the time for diff things. One of those being when I am painting. I have E-M'd pieces to some, but I am looking for a more efficient way.
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    Well, there's Dropbox. You can open a free account there, and then upload any file type you'd like there. Once uploaded, Dropbox creates a link for the item, which may be shared with whomever you'd like. It's how I've been sharing ArtRage .pack and .arscript files.

    If you'd rather not do that, I suppose you could always attach the music to a video file (basically, making a music video), and then upload that to a site like Youtube. But then they'd only be able to hear it by going to the video on the site (unless they're internet savvy enough to know how to pull the music off it).
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    there is also 25 gb of free space on MSN which is quite a bit more space than
    dropbox offers and you can share links to any file just like dropbox.

    it is called Skydrive.

    seems like that would be perfect for a Skylar.

    Anybody with a Windows Live ID is eligible to use SkyDrive. If you already have a Hotmail account or use Windows Live Messenger you will already have a Windows Live ID.

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