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Thread: Incomplete script export

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    Unhappy Incomplete script export


    I've drawn a christmascard in Artrage for the iPad.

    I want to play back the script on my desktop but all I can get from the iPad is a script that fails.

    Looking at the script in a texteditor makes me think the problem is that it's incomplete.

    My file starts with "Wait: 0.000s". Looking at a script file that plays back with no problem it seems that there is a whole lot of tags missing that should be present before the script starts to play back actual tool commands. Where is: <Version>, <Header>, <StartupFeatures> ...

    Why is artRage Ipad giving me an incomplete script file?
    I've tried to heal my script file manually but to no avail.

    Please advice.

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    Is the script file smaller than 10mb in size? if so, could you send us a copy of the script to [email protected] so that we can take a look at it?

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    It's on its way!


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