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Thread: AR 354 throwing weird errors

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    AR 354 throwing weird errors

    Yesterday and today, I began to get the warning you see below.
    I went as far as tossing the application and plist and re-installing. I still get this error.

    Any clues how to fix this? It has hampered me in saving my work, so it's not merely an annoying dialog box.



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    This type of error would generall indicate that ArtRage isn't able to access the requested information from its resource file. Trashing the app and reinstalling it will replace the plist anyway, as the plist exists inside the application bundle.

    If you haven't already, after just dragging the app to the trash, make sure to download the latest installer from the Member Area to ensure that you have a good installer file, then install ArtRage.

    If that doesn't help, or if you've already done that I'd recommend using disc utility to do a full permission check in case it's a permissions problem.

    Otherwise, please email me at with your operating system version and let me know if there were any differences with the steps above and I'll be happy to troubleshoot it further with you.
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