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Thread: A suggestion for installers

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    A suggestion for installers

    Hi Rage team,
    I just reformatted my computer and was trying to reinstall artrage and realized there there are a great many 'install_artrage.exe' files on my computer.
    You see after reformatting I searched the backup drive for the installer and found multiple versions with the same name. Now normally the 'sort by date' option would work but sometimes the date changes to copy/move date and then one has to go thro the properties of the exe and check the details to see which is the latest version.
    It was a bit confusing and a little painful.
    So my suggestion is can the version number be included in the installer name?
    i.e. install_artrage3.5.5.exe?

    thanks& regards,
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    What I always do in such cases is, rename them myself after I downloaded them.
    For me that works.
    Sorry for my bad English (I never had English education)

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    I just download the latest version from the Members page here.
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