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Thread: ArtRage 2.6 Scaling error

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    ArtRage 2.6 Scaling error

    today i opened up artrage, and i grabbed my tablet pen, and tried to draw. the tablet was stuck, like at the top left. the bottom of my tablet, took me like almost a quarter down the page. does anyone know how this happened?
    on a separate note, my tablet driver keeps uninstalling

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    This sounds very likely to be a tablet driver problem from previous times I've seen similar behavior. I'd recommend downloading the latest driver software from the manufacturer's website, then uninstalling your current tablet driver software. Restart your computer fully, then double click the file you downloaded in order to install the latest version.

    I'm not sure what you mean regarding your tablet driver uninstalling itself. What indication do you see that this is the case? Is there an error message and if so, when does it happen and what is the exact text? It may be worthwhile talking to Wacom support, but I should have a better indication of what's going on once I know the details.
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