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Thread: Need a layers toolbar

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    Need a layers toolbar

    I bought this program for coloring photos, so I work with layers a lot. I'd like a sperate toolbar and or set of menus for layers. I'd like blend modes to be mucvh more easily accessible, becuase I experiment with them a lot.

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    Hiya Dave...

    I'm not sure if you've discovered the layers toolbar yet...

    In that little central icon which shows you which layer you're currently working on, there's a little icon top right that looks like a stack of pages.

    If you click that, a toolbar pops into being showing all of your layers. Along with options to switch them off, chnge opacity, blending, and so on.

    I hope this helps.

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    Yes, the layers toolbar is there, but the belnd modes are three layers deep in submentus. It is extremely painful to go three layers deep in any menu, but it is especially difficult if you need to go there many time when experimenting with something as non-obvious as blend modes.

    It would really help to have a blend modes toolbar.

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