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Thread: introduction to a grateful user!

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    Lightbulb introduction to a grateful user!

    hi. I'm Amber, and I live in Tempe Arizona. I am a brand-new user of the program, and it is nothing short of a miracle for me!

    you see, I have a physical disability known as cerebral palsy. This makes all things which require fine motor skills, such as drawing or painting, nearly impossible for me. I've tried various other computer programs to no avail, but AR works for me! Right now, while I am waiting for a drawing pad for Christmas, I use a trackball.

    For these reasons, although I am 34, my projects thus far have been very childlike in their appearance. I am aware of this, but please understand that they represent tremendous effort on my part. And I will get better. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?


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    Welcome to the ArtRage forums Amber. I'm sure you'll discover that the members here welcome artists of any skill level, so post away!
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    Amber, Hi and welcome to the forum. Don't worry, just go for it and remember to have fun

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    Welcome to AR and the forums! Enjoy your time with the program and please donīt hesitate to share your work. As you said, we all have to start somewhere--and wherever that might be, itīs still great fun!
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    Welcome Amber! Long life to artrage!!
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    Amber, Welcome and yes, we all have to start somewhere. Have fun becoming a "Rager."

    I've seen people paint with their feet and mouth and they make awesome paintings. I'm sure you will also :-)
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    Amber, glad artrage found you. Welcome!

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    Hi there and welcome indeed!

    There was a couple years ago a chap called Cripster in New Zealand. I am not exactly sure anymore, but I think he had to use some rather unconventional ways of making marks. Also very slow for him. But he did paint using Artrage.

    He was an inspiration. Of all things, he was teaching young handicapped kids and I think he was getting them into Artrage as well.

    There have been various waves of forum users. And he wandered off like many of the old timers. Probably up to no good.

    But the good news is that you are here, and shall be having a great time with this program. Post as often as ya please. Take your time. No rush.

    Glad you found your way here.
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