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Thread: Loading error

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    Loading error

    I use art rage regulary till yesterday when it won't open.

    I get a .dll error message, 'icm32.dll' error

    Any ideas on how this can be fixed?

    Thanks in advance!

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    EDIT: Also, this might be caused by Yahoo! Messenger, as you might notice from the page's comments.

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    .dll error

    Well thanks for the response.

    I don't use yahoo messenger.

    I did however, find I think the solution.

    I am mythed why now it caused the problem.

    I use a program called XP tuning suite 3.0.

    I get the feeling that program is the problem.

    I will uninstall it and reinstall it to see.

    I would state my facts are correct due to when it's closed, art rage works o.k. and also my flurry screensaver does not crash, when it's enabled it crashes both apps.

    Thanks again for reading what I wrote, regards Lee Smith-Goldburg

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    Hi there. If the problem is still occuring:

    Are you by any chance using an HP printer? Also, could you post the full text of the error message if you get the chance. The original message, plus the first line you see when you click "Details", if applicable, should help.

    I believe I've seen this before, and it relates to a problem occuring with the printer driver. If the error message is the same as:

    This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If the problem persists, please contact the application vendor.
    If you click Details, you see the following message:
    ArtRage.exe caused and invalid page fault in Icm32.dll at <address>

    , then I'd recommend:

    1/ Uninstall your printer driver after making sure that you have downloaded the latest version from the printer manufacturer's website and are ready to reinstall when you need to.

    2/ Restart your machine. After you've restarted, check that ArtRage now starts.

    3/ Reinstall your printer ( preferably from the printer driver downloaded from the printer manufacturer's website, always good to make sure you're running the latest version

    Here's an article from Microsoft which goes into more detail when the same error occurs when launching Microsoft Publisher. Their fix involves deleting extra files in addition to the steps above, but I wouldn't go that far unless you've found that the steps above didn't solve the problem once the printer has been reinstalled.
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    HP Printer.

    Don't use a HP printer, use a dcp 117 c brother one.

    The error .txt produced, I don't have.

    Won't be using the tuning suite application anymore, from further testing I found the application causes more problems than good.

    So I can use the free ArtRage without errors now.

    Thanks for reply, regards Lee Smith-Goldburg.

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    Glad to hear it's up and running again for you now, excellent news!
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