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Thread: figuring out what tool you used

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    figuring out what tool you used

    Is there any way to figure out what you used on a previous painting to achieve a certain technique without relying on your memory?

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    There isn't really a way to get the app to recall which specific settings you used at a particular point in the painting, but if you are using tool settings you like, you can save them as a preset ( tap the preset button in the bottom bar then save a new preset ) which you can open later to recover these settings.

    If you have Studio or Studio Pro on your desktop computer and you record your painting on the iPad, you can play back the script after opening the tool settings panel. Then during the script you can see which tools were selected and what settings were used. Script playback can be paused at any point which would allow you to note the settings.

    You can find more information on recording scripts on the iPad version and exporting them to iTunes by tapping the Help button, then tapping the 'files' section.
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