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Thread: Metallic not working

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    Metallic not working

    I am new to ArtRage, so it must be something simple I am doing wrong.

    The Metallic feature seems to have stopped working. I was using the Thick Gloss Oil brush then adjusted the Metallic to 100%, worked great, could see the depth and reflection. I stepped away from the computer, when I came back, no at 100% Metallic, nothing. Just flat. I have tried several brushes and restarted.

    Did I miss something?

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    You possibly have turned off the lighting in ArtRage accidentally. ArtRage has a 3d lighting model where a light is projected on to the canvas. This allows you to see the metallic and textured effects in thick media and with the canvas.

    Press the F5 key on your keyboard. This toggles the lights on / off so if it was bumped previously you should see your metallic effects return. It may take a moment to re-render the canvas if your document is large / has many layers.
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