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Thread: Is it worth upgrading my ancient, stone age tablet?

  1. Is it worth upgrading my ancient, stone age tablet?

    I have a 12 year old Wacom Graphire tablet that is still (mostly) functioning just fine. The buttons on the pen don't work anymore and the eraser is sometimes seen as the pen side, but overall it's still working as it should.

    My question is what improvements have been made to Wacom tablets over the past 12 years and it is worth investing in a new one? (Yes, I have issues about upgrading tech that is still functioning...things must be broken before buying anything new. I get a panic attack just thinking about upgrading from a functioning product and end up looking like this )

    Anyways, I've been eyeing the Intuos 4 Medium size for a while now. Has anyone upgraded to it and if so, is the difference worth the price tag?

    Also, one of my main issues with my current tablet is how it handles larger resolution drawings. At 300 dpi, my lines start to get a bit shaky and the ratio between my hand movements and the screen get a bit hard to handle. Every tiny movement of my hand becomes a much bigger movement on the screen, which is not the case with smaller resolution drawings. Is this something that has been resolved in the newer tablets or is just a fact of life?

    Also, I am a proffesional artist and spend a lot of time drawing, so accuracy and ease of drawing is important.

    Thanks for any help!

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    I suggest that you have a go on the Wacom forums....

    Hope that helps you more with your needs.

    I can only say....upgrade from my experience with tablets...and you may find a good deal on Ebay or a store. Xmas sale perhaps.

  3. Thanks for your suggestions Bobbyray.

    I guess I'm also looking for how the experience with ArtRage changes. I've read it doesn't support some of the features of the newer pens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nureek View Post
    I've read it doesn't support some of the features of the newer pens.
    I'm not sure what you mean by "it" here ... your current tablet, the newer tablet model you're considering, or the Artrage program.

    Also, what features are you talking about?

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    Artrage doesn't support the tilt or rotation functions, to my understanding, which are part of what newer Wacom tablets offer. They also offer more levels of pressure, which it does accept. They also have hardware buttons on the side for better access to programmable shortcuts.

    That's the gist of it.

    IMO, if Artrage is your primary art program on it, I'd just stick with what you've got and get a replacement pen. But then again, those who have the newer tablets seem to really love them.

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    Here's a wacom pen that I had with my Graphire tablet (have since upgraded to Intous and don't see all that much difference) my dog chewed it up but it still works
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    Artrage supports tilt for some tools where applicable e.g. the Airbrush, glitter spray and sticker spray. Barrel rotation isn't something we currently support. I hope that helps clarify things.
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    Hey, I didn't know that about the airbrush tool. That's cool to know! Shame I don't got tilt, but .... can't have everything!

  9. DaveRage and Steve B, yes, that's what I was looking for. Thanks.

    Justjean, good to know the pens can take a beating! Amazing that it still works!
    Worries me a bit that you didn't see much of a difference when you upgraded.

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    The responses I've heard, from those biased people (such as myself!) who use tablet pc's that have only 256 levels of pressure, is that, yes, when they're using more current Wacom tech there's a difference in feel when you have 2000 or 1000 levels, but that it doesn't really make a significant difference in terms of the final product one produces. Clearly, there are those people who use the tilt function a lot, or who use the 6d artpen with barrel rotation. They're going to be very sad that older Wacom tech doesn't do that. But Artrage doesn't use those functions much, so it doesn't really affect the usage of this program, IMO, either way.

    I just think that, to the human body, 256 levels of pressure is ample variation in terms of how the tools act. Clearly, there are some erogonomic changes, like buttons to press, etc. So that might improve the experience.

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