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Thread: Add an iCloud saving Support or a warning message for Backup please.

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    Exclamation Add an iCloud saving Support or a warning message for Backup please.

    Hello there.

    As i've switch my iPad to iCloud saving scheme since i've buy it, now after i've switch the ipad from iOS 5.0 to 5.0.1 yesterday, i've lost all the drawing i've done since 3 weeks, cause i've only use the iCloud for the back up. I'm really disappointed to see, there is no warning about the saving process that should be done through iTunes only.

    Could you introduce an iCloud support ? (in order to sync some file on multiple device without dropbox)

    Be careful ArtRage users to save your work through iTunes with cable or wifi BEFORE Switching from iOS 5.0 to 5.0.1 online or with OTA Mode.
    (That's particulary true if you'll have switch to iCloud support since it was aviable.)

    So this post was not an insult to Artrage, just a feature request cause this app worth a feature like this. I've didn't lost my work on SketchbookPro cause the iCloud was already supported. But the majority of my drawing where done on Artrage. So now i will prevent any injuries like this by doing a backup through iTunes every week until an iCloud backup will be aviable.
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    Sorry to hear that you had problems with the upgrade.
    I upgraded to 5.01 today with no problems, I didn't do a backup first because I am away in the caravan but wanted the battery bug fixed. Seeing as I only had two paintings that weren't backed up I went ahead and did the upgrade, there was no problems and all my paintings are still there.

    I have just re-read your post there is an upload to dropbox already included in ArtRage in the gallery functions.
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    I did update to iOS 5.0.1 as well. No kind of problems with AR Images.

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    I didn't have a problem after the upgrade either....

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    It looks like the iOS update removed files for a variety of apps for some users, it's not just us but it might be any app that uses the standard shared file space for file storage.

    You can restore your files from backup however, here's what you do:

    1. Plug your iPad in to your desktop computer and make sure it's backed up.

    2. Restore from an older backup before the OS update.

    3. With your iPad selected in the left bar of iTunes, select the 'Apps' tab at the top of the right hand page (not the Apps tab in the left bar, that's different...).

    4. On the Apps page you get, scroll down to the File Sharing section and select ArtRage. Your painting files should appear on the right. Copy them all to your desktop computer.

    5. Restore your iPad from its latest backup and use the same File Sharing page to drag the files back on.

    That should restore your paintings.
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    my main problem was: as i've install the 5.0 after i've buy my iPad, i just setting up the iCloud backup. so i've didn't do any backup on the pc, except at the first time i've boot this iPad. so after i've just use the inCloud app and media dowload features, i've didn't do another backup on my pc. so when i've buyed Artrage diring the comicon promotion, i've didn't think about iCloud didn't backup those paint file.

    when i've seen that i've lost the app on the ipad after the update it's because the first and old backup i've done have been used to restore the ipad after the update process to 5.0.1. so Artrage was not already here on this backup. that's the reason of my problem.

    the iOS online update seem's to didn't take care about storing a new backup before doing the update. It's a lack i think from Apple to didn't demand to force a backup before this critical scenario.

    So now i now.

    thanks for sharing your tips. i got a look at the dropbox feature now, thanks Saphire.
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