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Thread: Trouble upgrading

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    Trouble upgrading

    We went through the download steps (installation, etc.) from the member area to upgrade our studio pro.... It shows that 3.5.4 is registered.

    However, when we open artrage is looks like we still have 3.0.8

    Did we do something wrong?

    Please advise.

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    I just went thru something similar. I have an older G5 Mac ( not Intel) and the newest version Of artrage will not run with my processor, so I have to use the 3.0.8 or update to a newer computer. Hope that helps, check for compatability with you computer.

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    Your Member Area products page will show 3.5.4 because that's the latest version available to you, it doesn't indicate what version you have installed locally. Click the download button and download the 3.5.4 installer, then you can install it on your computer and you'll have the latest.

    If you have already downloaded, make sure you download and install the EN version (English). The Japanese version (JA) has not yet been updated to 3.5.
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