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Thread: Symmetry Axis X and Y

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    Symmetry Axis X and Y

    I was painting a cat for an animation in front view.

    (i tried to publish the image, but the forum don't allow me to do that).

    in the middle of work, i felt that if could be easier if only i paint one side, and the other side were painted by the soft in automatic, Sketchbook has it but that soft don't gives me the texture and artistic realism of natural painting.

    So, if ArtRage add this feature in the next version or update, will be awesome.
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    -Affirmation of strong support for this suggestion.

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    Interesting Suggestion

    Hello Wolfo,

    Would this feature (you suggest) comprise a single axis, that one could rotate to any angle?
    (which I assume the AR team would also still simultaneously enable the existing ALT + Right Click + Drag canvas rotation ability)

    Maybe there could be a
    feathering slider tool for the actual axis region
    and perhaps a transparency slider
    and transparency distance slider
    and transparency distance profile slider
    for pixel behavior at 90 degrees relation to axis

    (i.e. for both regions, either side of axis)

    Hope this all makes sense
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