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Thread: an odd angle

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    an odd angle

    here is a sketch for a project I was doing with my son, the project didn't turn out, but the sketch was fun.Things that DIDNT work, the sun on the water, suggestions welcome, remember, I use an iPad!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi Margi. It's a super neat subject.

    Suggestions? This is from my guesses, and not meant to be more than something to consider if it sounds right to you.

    Depends on what you're after and how close to the source photo you want to be. There may be a reason why you are making it so gray. It may fit what you're doing. So not knowing what you are after and if this drawing needs to hook up stylistically with something else, but my suggestions would be based on just looking at a picture as a solo picture:

    The line is pretty quick and scribbly and the weight of the line is consistently even throughout the pic losing a little depth. The line is very loose and spontaneous, while the amount of color you used says a more considered painting. It's like two dancers dancing to different rhythms. You might want to get cleaner with your line or looser with your paint washes.

    I think the biggest problem is that if you want to feature the young man, you would perhaps use fewer lines or separate the values between the head and boat around his upper body and head so it reads more clearly. He's getting a bit entangled in a push-pull.

    Just a thought based on my not being there when you were working on it.

    But clearly this is the kind of picture I would love to be in! How cool is that ride!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!! Is that your son dangling out over the water?

    Keep working at it. You could make this style really work for you!
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Thank you Ken and thank you D Akey. It is very much like two dancers and a different rhythm., I shall keep that in for what I was going after, well long story short, it started out as a photo to be altered into a pirate theme, so it was to be dreary and misty and frightening, hence the greyness, but I very soon became aware that my technical skills are not good enough to create an imaginary image like this without some reference material, especially on the odd angle, soooo, I just continued doodling. I am not planning to change or finish is, but I do agree about the line thickness and will remember that on the next one, and I find it interesting to keep in mind, that while the program makes it easy to combine different mediums on one painting, i.e., oil paint and technical pen, that would not happen in real life. Not that some interesting effects could not come out of doing that, but sometimes it just doesn't work does it?

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    Great sketching Margi and as Kenmo said a great POV

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    nice! tricky angle indeed.

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    A really masterful and wonderful example simulating a watercolor+ink painting. Amazing perspective too.
    Very good!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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