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Thread: Real paint paint artists often disgust ArtRagers. Your experience?

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    Red face Real paint paint artists often disgust ArtRagers. Your experience?

    Since I found ArtRage I told my traditional canvas, paint and brushes 'good bye'. With ArtRage I paint much more and on a higher level. I do not have the smell of oil paint, thinners and mediums in the house. I don't have to spend tons of euros for painting materials and canvasses. I do not need physical storage...

    When I meet real paint paint artists I get often negative critics from the moment I tell that I paint digitally. Isn't it the final result of an art piece: the subject, the story behind it, the composition, the brush technique, the colour treatment, the afterwork/finishing touch which counts rather than it is done with real of digital paint? When I show those artists my virtual museum exposition (the Briex Museum) , you see a true disbelieve and dislike on their faces. Not all, I have to admit there are some who see the fun of which I'm doing and presenting: even this they see that as art. Though many real paint paint artists talk very snobish and I guess they see ArtRagers as a thread for themselves. By the way, I do not let me dis-encourage, it is even stimulating to 'fight' against the traditional thinking artists.

    What are your experiences?
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