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Thread: CalComp Drawing Slate II & ArtRage 352 Demo

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    CalComp Drawing Slate II & ArtRage 352 Demo

    Hi all!

    Looking to give my son a bit more artisitic ability on the ol' PC here, and happen to have a pair of Calcomp Drawing Slate II systems, left from my CAD days.

    I had bought pressure seneitive Stylus for it, and after replacing bad batteries, and installing latest driver package from CalComp, all is up and running! :-)

    (as in, diagnostics and on screen tests for slate AND pressure sensitive levels are coming back 100% ok-dokey)

    Driver (TabletWorks) supports and can enable as Mouse, Wintab, and TabCon, all of which are enabled.

    I can draw, but it's nothing more than like a mouse. I can't seem to enable any pressure sensitivity for things like a brush stroke, etc.
    I think I should be able to with ArtRage... shouldn't I? :-)

    Happy to buy, if I can get this working. (I know, the idea of a demo version!)

    WinXP, up to date.


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    ArtRage uses Wintab or Realtime stylus on Windows ( Microsoft's standard is realtime stylus ). I would recommend going into Edit -> Preferences -> Input then unchecking 'realtime stylus' and making sure that Wintab is checked. If that doesn't help after restarting ArtRage, you could try disabling everything in tabletworks except for wintab to see if something else is interfering with getting pressure values.

    If there is a background application running in the taskbar which is tablet related, like a tablet helper of some sort, it's possible this could be interfering so it'd be worthwhile temporarily closing it to see if that helps.

    If the above doensn't give you pressure, you could also turn everything back on in your tablet software, then turn back on 'realtime stylus' in Artrage and uncheck 'wintab' to see if they're supporting that method.

    If none of these options give you pressure then it's possible that the tablet is not compatible with ArtRage, but feel free to email me directly at and I'll see if there's anything else we can do to troubleshoot the problem further.
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    sorry no reply sooner, project went onto the back burner.

    but still trying to get it working. will email you as you have suggested, and then I can include some screen shots.

    (will email from son's email account)

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