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Thread: Brush settings...possibilities?

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    Talking Brush settings...possibilities?

    I will attempt to describe this properly.
    I am new to ArtRage, and absolutely love it,
    and am still learning it.

    I downloaded a bunch of sticker spray presets.
    For example, some are like Impressionist painting.
    (Impressionist Style 1)
    They spray beautiful little varying
    shades of paint.

    Is it possible to somehow attach this
    to a certain paint brush?
    For example, I want to have a thick oil paint impasto effect combined with the impressionist.

    I want to pick the oil brush and then add an alpha/change presets (which I can't find any option in presets) to make it paint like this. ...and then save the preset. If I pick the oil brush and look in presets and settings, I don't see any place where I can add an alpha.

    I will compare it to Photoshop - in Photoshop, I can apply an alpha/image to a brush, change some settings, and then it will paint like clouds, dots, grass, etc. I see this in the sticker spray, but I don't want it to be a sticker, I want it to be attached to a brush (oil, watercolor, air, etc.).

    If the only way to do this is to make a 'sticker spray', can you point me to a tutorial on how to make one?

    Thank You!
    Have an excellent day!

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    The stickers are only available for use with the Sticker spray (in terms of tools). So the only way you'll be able to make any changes to them, is by the settings and variations panel. The example you listed, with the alpha change, would mean you would have to change the Alpha variation dial, in one of the method columns (be it Random, Pen Pressure, etc). There's no way to increase the amount of "paint" the sticker spray lays down, like you'd see using the Oil Brush with low thinners. It basically acts like a bitmap brush, one would see in Photoshop. I'm not sure about the Variations panel, but I know you're going to need to the Pro version of ArtRage Studio to create a sticker. If you have that, then here's a tutorial I made on Sticker Creation. How to edit the Spray Variations comes in around step 9.
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    Marvelous One,
    Thank You for that detailed response.
    I think I understand.
    I wish I could apply all the sticker spray settings
    to a brush.
    Maybe it will get added in some day.
    I will check out your tutorial. Thank You!

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