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Thread: Best settings for ArtRage 3.5/ Intuos4/ Win 7 64bit?

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    Best settings for ArtRage 3.5/ Intuos4/ Win 7 64bit?

    ArtRage 3.5/ Intuos4/ Win 7 64bit

    Hi Guys,

    Can anybody advise me what input settings work best with this set up? Any tips on what wacom settings/ input settings work best would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    If you're using a Wacom tablet the default settings should work fine (Wintab ON, Realtime Stylus ON).

    If you're using a touchscreen machine you may find the interaction between that and the Wacom drivers causing a problem with pressure, in which case you can try toggling the two and using Realtime Stylus only (which is the Windows internal tablet standard).

    Are you experiencing any specific problems currently?

    EDIT: Realtime Stylus ON
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    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the reply. No problems in particular, I'm just a little confised as to the various input options. I'll give those you suggested a try. Thanks again!

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