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Thread: Ape eyes

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    I am always chilled when I come in eye sight of an animal, that is, our eyes truly meet and there is nothing else. So much empathy is exchanged. At times there can be encounters with dogs and horses.

    But it is the eyes of our closest relatives (6-7 million years removed) that are most haunting. And you caught that feeling for me.
    P.D. Dinkles
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    looks great all matted!

    you are right though... white is the absence of any color in lithographic printing so your paper color would show through and ink jet printers are basically a form of lithographic printing with their cyan magenta yellow and black inks. No color equals no ink.

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    The most pensive and sad in nature ... just perfect!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    • Thanks Caesar, always a pleasure to hear your praise.
    • Thanks screenpainter for the confirmation, after I thought about it, it was the obvious answer. Glad I'm not entire loon.
    • I agree with you there P. D. Dinkles, it is true what they say that the eyes are the windows to the sole (we were talking animals, right? Tee hee). I wonder what this ape was thinking at the time the reference photo was taken?
    • EB, you made me laugh so much I nearly fell of my chair!
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