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Thread: Tilt for Every Other Tool

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    Tilt for Every Other Tool

    I have an Intuos4 and I wanted to use the tilt from my pen to dictate the tilt on ArtRage's tools.
    Of course, you should be able to toggle this feature on or off, for the people who prefer the current way tools work.

    Specifically, I wanted to use tilt feature on the oilbrush and palette knife.
    Was there a problem with implementing this on various tools? Why Airbrush and not most other tools?
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Because we use a rendered stroke system in order to simulate paint the way we do, there are technical issues with implementing tilt. Tilt is implemented with the airbrush because it's a fairly big part of using an airbrush in real life ( and the airbrush doesn't use a rendered stroke ). Tilt is something we're looking into for the future though.
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