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Thread: Dismissing menus without causing unwanted brush strokes

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    Dismissing menus without causing unwanted brush strokes

    This is just a minor annoyance but whenever I tap outside of a menu to dismiss it I get an unwanted stab stroke that appears on the canvas that I have to undo. Is it possible for you guys to change this behavior so that your first tap on the canvas dismisses the menu and the second one causes your first brush stroke or is this not possible because of the way the paint engine works. Keep up the good work you guys!

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    From our own popup items e.g the tool settings panel, layers panel etc, you don't need to tap to dismiss, you can just start painting and the menu will close. Alternatively, if you the button in the toolbar for opening that menu, that will also close it. We implemented this to avoid people needing to specifically dismiss the item with an extra tap if they didn't want to. Exceptions to this are the gallery and reference image dialog as they use Apple's menu system. We may revisit this in the future though, thanks for the feedback!
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