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Thread: Upgrade from 3.5.2 Pro to 3.5.4 Studio error (?)

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    Upgrade from 3.5.2 Pro to 3.5.4 Studio error (?)

    Greetings Wondrous ones,

    ArtRage Studio Pro Version 3.5.2
    Windows Vista 64 bit.

    I saw that I had to upgrade from 3.5.2 to 3.5.4,
    and I did, but the upgrade was not to the pro version.
    It upgraded to 3.5.4 Studio (not Pro)
    I want Pro specifically for the script recording.

    No error message.

    I know there is not an official version
    for 64 bit, but 3.5.2 has been working
    fine for me so far.

    I love ArtRage!

    Thank You!
    Creative Christine

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    Hi there!

    It looks like you have currently registered ArtRage Studio on the Member Area, but have not yet registered Studio Pro.

    To register Studio Pro, log in at, click on 'My products' then click 'register new product', select 'ArtRage Studio / Studio Pro' and enter your Studio Pro serial number and click the register button.

    When you go back to the My Products page you will see Studio Pro as well as Studio listed. Click the download button beneath Studio Pro and download the version you want e.g. Windows en ( English ).

    If you no longer have your Studio Pro serial number, not to worry - you can email me at and I should be able to locate that for you. Otherwise, if you still have Studio Pro on your system, you can view your serial number by going to Help -> Change Serial number.
    Resident Bug-Hunter / Technical Support
    Ambient Design

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    Magnificent Dave,

    Thank You so much for that quick
    and well written reply!

    You were absolutely right.
    I made the mistake of registering it
    with the wrong serial.

    Thank You!

    I love ArtRage!!!

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    Upgrading studio pro

    We went through the download steps from the member area to upgrade our studio pro.... It shows that 3.5.4 is registered.

    However, when we open artrage is looks like we still have 3.0.8

    Did we do something wrong.

    Please advise.

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