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Thread: Bad news

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    Bad news

    My Mom received some bad news last week. She was having headaches for 5-6 days straight. On the 7th she started to pass blood.

    A few years ago she lost an eye from ocular melanoma. The cancer has since entered her blood and she now has tumours in her brain. Earlier she was told the cancer was in her liver & kidneys. She also has small tumours on her skin....

    I love my parents more then anyone or anything on this earth. I've always been very close to Mom. Her birthday is Christmas Eve and this year she will turn 79...

    I just celebrated their 59th wedding anniversay with them early in October with a short trip to nearby Bangor, Maine (USA)...

    I snapped this photo a few weeks ago in Bangor...

    I've been very depressed since hearing of this and have not had enough energy to do any painting, drawing or 3D stuff...

    Please think of my Mom, Katie in your prayers....

    God Bless

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    Here are a few more photos of them. One is from their 25th aniversay and another from their 45th anniversary a several years ago....
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    I wish you and your family strength to cope with all this. I pray for you and your parents.
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    So sorry to hear your news, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your parents during this very difficult time.
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    Cancer is indeed a unnecessary epidemic but there is hope if anyone is willing to look into alternatives and with an open mind. Now be advised i am not a Doctor by any stretch of the imagination but the reality is Doctors are not trained to have knowledge in alternative medicines, treatments and lifestyle choices that have the potential to save countless lives. If this knowledge was common then our current medical industry would crash. I strongly urge you to look over these documentaries and take in with an open mind as much information as possible and see what conclusion you come to.

    It is a fact that most Cancer's can be eradicated because they are mostly caused by lifestyle choices. When the body is malnourished for example, your cells become toxic and have the capability of forming Cancer cells. I am not saying a cure is 100% plausible and that Doctors are dumb but allow the research to speak for itself. Hopefully your Mom can kill her Cancer before it is too late. With that being said, Cancer does not form because it simply want's to as there is a cause for everything in this world but what is needed is having the knowledge as to what caused Cancer cells to grow in the first place. The knowledge is already there, the question is what do we do with it.

    Here is a list of Documentaries and Alternative help you may want to seek out.

    Food Matters

    King Corn

    Remember, when we alter food from it's natural state (refinement, preservatives, corn syrup, fast food, fatty foods, etc...) we also alter our bodies away from there natural functions and that alters that way our organs work therefore it alters our health as the window to one's health is essentially our gut. The closer we live to nature, the better we feel and no drug can ever replace that. If chemotherapy and radiation is needed, at least try to alter the lifestyle and food choices so that she can possibly have a better chance at fighting this. I wish all of the best.
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    She is a lovely woman, very beautiful and I can tell she has a warm heart. You have a great family. I hope that you and your family make it through this time well. I will send good vibes that way for them.

    Keep strong, keep her smiling and help keep her afloat while she goes through this ordeal.

    My great aunt is 70 and she too has been through many a time... including removal of tumors in her brain. She is still as bright and happy and ornery as she always was.

    Take care and best wishes.

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    I am very sorry for the heartache your parents and you must be going through, my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours


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    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your parents Kenmo. This is the time that they need to see your strength and your smile which will help them along. It may be hard to do Kenmo but a smile goes such a long way in the grand scheme of things. I do so hope that you can feel the warmth coming your way from all your friends here in Artrage. Thinking of you as I know what you are going through.
    All my good thoughts and wishes are there with you all.
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    I join everyone else in sending the best thoughts I can to your Mother Ken. Strength to you all.
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    Sorry to hear the news.... life does present us all with medical problems throughout our lives especially when we age. Prayers are always a big help and she has mine too. Love and support is also a big help so hang in there and keep the faith. Be positive and strong for her and she will draw on that energy.

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