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    NOTE: Black & White sketch in order to avoid a too horrible view.

    I hope our Rager hosts would agree on my view that this is not a political vignette, not in my conception, rather the reaction in front of news denying any etical or civilization principle and versus their causes which are, as usual, strategical and political stupidity and short sight.

    I could never stand Qaddafi, his criminal deeds and the hate and humiliations he reserved to Italians descendants once living there and to Italy, even far beyond the end of colonialism and after all was done to honestly repair, support their developement and become friendly neighbors, with obvious interests concurring too obviously, let's not be hypocrites.
    I wasn't against civilian defence by UN resolution and I agreed on Qaddafi military power weakening by air attacks. But then?

    Many questions arise then now on this story.
    • Is this going to be like this the new Lybia?
    • Did NATO observe the mandate of UN to just defend civilians, not to have Qaddafi or his family as a target, by means of several ennecessary hired killer air attacks up to the final one against a bunch of desperate fugitives, ending up with a savage lynching?
    • Wasn't the mandate eventually just used by the megalomany of a couple of former powers wishing to stop their actual decay and their wish for big business with gas and oil? (obviously not even thanking, let it inviting, who participated and made available and served the closest airbases)
    • Do these "leaders" worry as much about Syria or other Gulf dictators? They don't even care not of Europe beyond their greedy interests.
    • Was it really for establishing a democracy in Lybia, merely conceived as a voting excercise I'm afraid should it actually get an adjective democracies shouldn't have and becoming based on a medieval literary interpretation of a specific religious law system which doesn't recognize the universal human rights principles in several cases?
    • Why do we find some past regime dark main figures to apparently lead the new Lybia too?
    I'm really disgusted by what happened and shame on the responsibles according to their share!
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