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Thread: Anatomy help needed for newbie

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    Anatomy help needed for newbie

    Hi! I'm a newbie and I've difficulty with human anatomy. Most of the time, I try to use internet images or books to draw people, but I usually fail. I'm thinking of using things like Poser, but I found it hard to manipulate it properly... Are there any sites or shops that sell anatomically correct toys/dolls that can be posed easily?


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    The best way to learn anatomy is to draw observing real people, maybe look to see if anywhere near you does life drawing classes. My problem is life drawing as well my day job is looking after my son so sitting down to draw or going on a course is a no no for me, In my searchings to find drawing aids I have come across this online which may help.

    It a collection of images of people in multiple poses.

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    Draw from life, but when you can't photos work. When you draw from photos, you'll need to imagine the person in real life. Photos are flat, but real people aren't and that makes a difference. Make sure to draw "around" the figure. As if it has shape.

    Here is another useful website for photos of people (similar to the gesture site from above).

    Also, do yourself a favor and pick up Bridgeman's Complete Guide to Drawing from Life. It's a constructive anatomy book, it was written in the early part of 1900s, but it's one of the best available.

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