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Thread: Zoom the Canvas

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    Zoom the Canvas

    Zoom the Canvas: Hold down Shift and right click and drag right and left, and the Canvas will zoom in and out.

    This method works with my mouse, but is very iffy (works sometimes) when using my Wacom Intuos4 art pen.
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    The easiest way to do a right click drag with a tablet is to hold down the rocker switch without touching the stylus to the tablet, that way you can't trigger a 'left click' by accident. You can even press down the switch without the stylus being near the tablet then, when the stylus approaches, the right click is detected.

    If you have set your tablet up so that right click requires a stylus touch, you should use other shortcuts such as the canvas puck or Spacebar + drag options as described in the 'Navigating the Canvas' section of the manual.
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